Marine Surveying, Consulting & Management

†High standards of quality and reliability for all kinds of ships based on Lebanese National Laws ,International Conventions and Regulations which are continuously updated in compliance with the latest requirements of the International Maritime Organization.

Reliable and efficient Statutory Surveys in accordance with the I.M.O. International Conventions, Regulations and Codes in force.

†LBS Surveyors being well acquainted with the aforementioned requirements and having a wide knowledge and experience guarantee the high quality of the services offered on all kinds of surveys.


1 - Ship registry, Statutory surveys and Audits.


2 - Plansí Elaborations and Preparations.


3 - Approvals.


4 - Consultancy Services.


5 - International Safety Management Code (ISM) and International† Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS).


6 - Yachts and Small Craft Inspection.


7 - Cargo Gears Survey, Testing of Launching Appliance & On- Load Release Gear of Survival Crafts.


8 - Damage Surveys & Casualty Investigation .


9 - Condition Surveys.


10 - Vessels Pre-purchase inspection.


11 - Supervision of technical repairs.